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The Denytechsoft site it was created on 2 July 2021.
On 2 October 2022, the site was upgraded to Multisite (WordPress Multisite).
During the time, Denytechsoft was growing and testing a lot of things: new services, new designs, new concepts... Some of them it was failures, but also some of them it was good improvements.
Durings the time, also, DTS has been updated to the new technologies, new standards, and even doodle support. Ok, now probably you think what is doodle support, and it's not a very interesting thing, but it's a bit cool. Doodles are when it is a major celebration (like Christmas) and we are changing our logo to be like the celebration style. We've got this doodle thing from Google, he's changing his logo almost every day when there are celebrations or holidays.
DTS Company (Denytechsoft Company) is located in Romania, so, don't be surprised if you see romanian apps.. in any case the official language of the site is in english.